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Detroit Taco Company
304 N Main St
Royal OakMI 48067
 (248) 542-1400
Changing Our Community One Taco At A Time(248) 542-1400
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Mexican Restaurant Royal Oak, MI

The search for the "best taquerias near me" is over. Detriot Taco Company is the place to enjoy a meal with friends. Whether enjoyed during the week when sober or on Sundays when hungover, tacos are highly-revered by the world. No need to cross the border, just stay in Royal Oak, MI, and head to 304 N Main St. for build-your-own tacos, bowls, salads, and more. No, this Mexican restaurant is not the corporation who failed to serve queso for years — just a great place to eat.

Tacos Anyday, NOT Just Tuesdays

As the ever-so-wise Mahatma Gandhi once put it, "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." While creating change and peace can be hard for humans to do on their own — tacos can help. While fancy, sit-down meals make people stiff, crusty (or soft) shells stuffed with meat (or vegan) and veggie fillings are what make friends and families happy.

What's On The Menu?

We've got a very customizable selection of:

  • Tacos (2 Per Order)
  • Bowls (Bed Of Rice And Beans)
  • Burritos (12" Flour Shell)
  • Nachos (Bed Of Chips)
  • Quesadillas (12" Flour Tortilla)
  • Salads (Bed Of Romaine Lettuce)

You can fill or top your selection with a variety of fillings and toppings. Keep it vegetarian by sticking to veggies or be a meat lover and choose from pork, chicken, or beef. Our rice and beans are also vegetarian-friendly. Our tasty guac pairs perfectly with every other ingredient we've mentioned.

Eat Our Tacos & Tell Us We're Pretty...

... and stop by Detroit Taco Company. Our ingredients hit the spot so deeply, and you'll be begging everyone you live with to place an order online with you. We deliver! Call us at (248) 542-1400 today!
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Business Hours:

Business Hours:

Sunday 12:00 Noon – 7:00 PM
Monday 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Tuesday 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Wednesday 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
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